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01st June, 2023

World Health Assembly decides to develop new WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy

The World Health Assembly met for their 76th session in Geneva from May 21 to 30 and adopted a decisionfor WHO’s current Traditional Medicine Strategy to be extended until 2025 ...

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23rd March, 2023

Homeopathy: knowledge and use in Italy

A new survey of 1066 Italian adults, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Boiron in October 2022, confirms that more than half of Italians have used homeopathy in their ...

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Future Events

ECCH is the representative professional platform for the homeopathy profession in Europe.

ECCH is structured in the form of a pan-European council made up of 16 member associations of homeopaths from 16 European countries.

National member associations appoint a representative to sit on the Council and to act as representatives throughout the year.

Representatives meet face-to-face at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of ECCH where all the normal business of an AGM is carried out, such as the election of officers, the presentation of the past year’s accounts, budget for the coming year and presentation of reports from the officers and national representatives.  AGMs take place in a different country each year at the invitation of a member association.

An Executive of four officers takes care of the Council’s business throughout the year based on the annual work-plan agreed at each AGM. The Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer are elected positions appointed by election at the AGM. The General Secretary and Policy Officer are appointed consultancy posts. The General Secretary is an appointed consultancy post. The General Secretary runs the Council’s Secretariat. ECCH’s Policy Officer advocates for ECCH at EU level and supports member associations in communications and advocacy at national level.