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14th November, 2022

European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2022

Resolving AMR by reducing the reliance on antibiotic treatment It needs to become a priority to resolve AMR by reducing reliance on antibiotic medicines. This can be achieved by keeping ...

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11th May, 2022

The Big M: HRT vs natural – homeopathy ‘preferred’ for high breast cancer risk women

Menopause experts discuss the benefits of homeopathy For many women, taking control of perimenopause and menopause is liberating and empowering, during a time where our bodies experience massive biochemical changes. ...

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The Legal Status of Homeopathy and Homeopathic Practitioners

Homeopathy is practised in all European countries. The regulatory status in Europe varies from country to country. Homeopaths may practise in a majority of European countries. Medical doctors with an additional qualification in homeopathy are able to practise in all countries. A small minority of countries legally restrict the practice of all medicine to medical doctors and in these countries homeopaths are currently legally unable to practise.

Neither the European Commission or the European Parliament have produced any position statement on who may or may not practise homeopathy. The delivery of health care services is considered to be a concern of each member state rather than one of the European Union. There are no agreements set up to enable homeopaths from one country to legally practise in another.