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30th November, 2023

Member of the European Parliament Michèle Rivasi | 1953-2023

With deep sadness, we announce the unexpected passing of the French Greens/ EFA Michèle Rivasi, on the morning of Wednesday, 29 November. A statement from the Greens/EFA states that Michèle’s ...

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18th July, 2023

TCIH Coalition had a meeting with WHO

During a virtual meeting with WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and a group of WHO senior officials, representatives of more than 300 civil society organisations (CSOs) and over 600 ...

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The Big M: HRT vs natural – homeopathy ‘preferred’ for high breast cancer risk women

Menopause experts discuss the benefits of homeopathy

For many women, taking control of perimenopause and menopause is liberating and empowering, during a time where our bodies experience massive biochemical changes.

It’s common for us to hold the misconception that menopause happens to too many older women and on the other side is it a frumpy and lacklustre version of our former selves.

Let’s face it, in the modern-day, we are all much younger for our years – 50 is the new 40! And although our reproductive body clocks hold their own time, women want to continue to enjoy healthy, active and confident lives into later age.

There is a huge misconception in society that beauty is linked to youth. For a woman entering into the perimenopause stage of her life, this belief can be deeply upsetting. But rather than it being a time where we lose part of ourselves, many experts are encouraging women to see it as a time of great liberation and empowerment.

Sarah Davison, Natural Menopause Expert, Homeopath and founder of Thrive Homeopathy explains, “A lot of women are socialised and educated unconsciously to attach their identity and value to how beautiful and youthful they are.

“So, you can imagine if your identity is tied up with that when you see menopause coming, you think it’s the beginning of the end. And not only do we have a [societal] bias toward youth and beauty, by the same token we don’t like the idea of ageing and so I think this makes it extra difficult for women.”

She continues, “Even though our society defines beauty as ‘youthful beauty’, there are other types of beauty.

“And what I feel is really missing in our society is that there is a beauty that comes from the inside as well. When we come to this age as women, what adds to our beauty is the fact that we have all of this life experience, this self-knowledge, which has led to more confidence, we have wisdom and clarity and we’ve had more heart-opening experiences. All of this shapes us.”

This sounds more like the attitude we need as we enter into perimenopause.

And further positive news is there are a growing number of options available to help women alleviate symptoms so that this change does not negatively affect the quality of our lives.

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